We are bringing every day mindful intention to your busy modern day life.

This can be achieved by creating a deeper and more aligned space, working with the vibration of sound healing and sacred rituals for internal peace and harmony. And we can’t wait to share this with you...

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What if we told you that life could get even better and feel infinitely more whole, relatively easily?

“How?!” you’d likely ask... And we would go on to say that with a bit of enlightened self-care, a bit of guided practice and an openness to releasing yourself to a new and beautiful stress-melting experience, you would get there.

We liken all of this to exercise, but for the mind and soul. When you embark on these journeys with us, you are unlocking brilliant possibilities… such as a higher level of consciousness in the 5th dimension. We incorporate Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep into our process, evoking that next level state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, induced by Reiki, Ceremonies and a myriad of guided sound baths.

It is there that you can achieve a greater self-awareness and embark on inner realization work. You can begin exploring manifestation and often when needed, healing can occur.

We endeavor to guide every life path we cross a chance to achieve a new level of inner peace and self-love. This ultimately sets you on the course that will leave you open to receive unimaginable abundance, blessings and joy.  We feel blessed and honored that this is our calling. We are so grateful for every opportunity we get to guide these team building, family healing and self-enlightenment journeys.

Thank you. Now let us tell you a little bit more about what you can expect!


Sound Healing
and Yoga Nidra

My fortunate discovery of sound healing and Yoga Nidra began in the early 1990s as I was studying massage therapy. It was then that I was introduced to the Eastern holistic approach to the human body. I was so amazed at how simple sound and meditation could shift our energies and reality on the whole. I noticed how sound and meditation through vibration and focus enabled us to heal ourselves. Of the various different instruments I was introduced to, I felt an instant connection to the Gong and singing Bowls. For me, the gongs represented a magnificent instrument for soul healing. As colorful as our inner dimensions, each gong also has its own unique identity. If the sound is “right” for your soul healing, then that specific gong is “right”.

I found that the singing bowls were precision instruments tuned to our Chakra system. In the right resonance, singing bowls are capable of literally fixing energy flow and removing the imbalance from the Chakras. For me, the purpose of the guided Yoga Nidra is to relax your mind and elevate you to the sacred state between being awake and asleep. This is the natural state where our mind and body begins to repair itself.

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Casa Rituals
Ceremonial Cacao

Before the pandemic, we were fortunate to discover the ritual of Ceremonial Cacao during a trip to Tepoztlan. The moment I experienced it, I felt its magic and it resonated deeply with me. Since then, cacao has been my medicine—opening my heart, connecting me with my higher self, and allowing the love that has always been there to flow freely. In the past few years, we have focused on blending the ancient wisdom of Cacao with modern energy healing techniques. In 2023, we traveled to Guatemala to live with shamans for a month, learning to facilitate Cacao ceremonies and delving into Mayan Cosmovision to honor these ancient practices and cultures. Our cacao ceremonies are infused with elements that promote self-reflection and spiritual awakening. We begin with intention setting and blessing the cacao plant, then perform a ritual to open the Heart Chakra, often incorporating sound elements to enhance and complete the ceremony.
Our cacao ceremonies are infused with all the elements that bring upon self-reflection and spiritual awakening. We begin with intention setting and blessing of the cacao plant and from there, perform a ritual to open the Heart Chakra, this often includes elements of sound to enhance and complete the ceremony.

Watch our step-by-step guide here:


A Journey to Your Heart Retreat in South of France
September 22-26 th 2024
Saint Jean de la Blaquiere, France


It isn’t an escape that you need, but a self love celebration and unlocking your magic. Cue this beautiful retreat in the enchanting South of France-frequency  of LOVE where you can expect daily heart and mind-opening rituals, sound  healing, and Yoga Nidra. You’ll restore your body with sound healing meditation, delicious vegan cuisine, experience a traditional ceremonial cacao awakening, deep dive into an energy cleansing workshop, and begin your journey to becoming whole via  a Fall Equinox Ceremony at this retreat like no other.

Our Journey to Your Heart  Retreat is ideal for those looking to disconnect from all the noise of the world and center on themselves while building the foundation to live out your best life. Does unconditional self love and awareness sound nice? Indulge in the unique simplicity of relaxation, self care, and connection.
All you have to do is say YES!


Events and Services

We are always holding space to perform private healing journeys for you, your family and friends. Our customized spiritual events celebrate your special days in sacred, powerful, and unique ways.

After every sound bath experience with Casa Ritual, it feels like another layer is peeled away leaving you more in tune with yourself. The gong played by David is intense but necessary as it strips away energetic blockages and then brings harmonic nurturing with the crystal bowls.  Marit’s prayers and intentions create a heightened sacred space that ushers in unexpected transformations each time -especially in her cacao ceremonies! Together their love for being of service is truly felt in all they do. They are a gift!!

Maria Krajnak
Program Manager, Tammy Fender

I discovered Casa Rituals through a friend after moving to the Delray area.  From the first full moon session on the beach I knew I had found something special! The mystical effects of sound therapy are astounding. As someone who had endured trauma therapy (EMDR) I have been amazed by how I receive many of the same benefits from Marit and David’s events! From the moment you arrive and are greeted with a blessing- you step into a safe, healing space that supports you as you relax into a meditative state, exploring messages in thoughts and sensations that support you in your spiritual journey. I consider Casa Rituals a crucial component of my self-care routine and highly recommend this experience to anyone willing to be brave and vulnerable. Open your heart and surrender.

Kristi Bartholomew

An experience with Marit and David is like being surrounded in a cloud of divine love. From the opening energy clearing prayer Marit offers to each person, to the beautiful melodies being played from David’s crystal bowls and gong, you leave feeling refreshed, open and loved. Their hearts and healing intention are evident in every aspect of their ceremonial offerings and I feel so blessed to be a part of their experiences and lives.

Tracey Winn
Spirit Lit Yoga

I can’t express in words my gratitude for the experiences i have had with casa rituals . Marit and David are truly gifted in their sharing of sound healing and cacao rituals.  You will become a follower after your first experience 🙏 Thank you both for creating a beautiful community for connection , teaching of sound as it allows our mind body and spirt to receive such amazing healing.

Audra Greene
Delray Beach, Florida

We are bringing every day mindful intention to your busy modern day life

This can be achieved by creating a deeper and more aligned space, working with the vibration of sound healing and sacred rituals for internal peace and harmony. And we can’t wait to share this with you...
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